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Lexon Organiser


A wall mounted magnetic organiser for presenting tools and stationery.

This organiser was designed for Lexon, and was based on the insight that people like to display their possessions neatly. This versatile system is both a whiteboard and a magnetic organiser, allowing users to arrange and rearrange objects effortlessly.

The product comes with a set of magnetic pegs which snap to an invisible grid system of magnets inside the board. Excess pegs can be stored underneath the shelf.

See the video here.

Electronic Book


A concept demonstrating various printed and flexible electronic technologies.

This interactive book concept communicates information through different graphic examples of printed electronics, each of which forms a page of the book, with the technology embedded into the pages. A haptic interaction on each page allows the user to learn through doing. The book’s pages embrace the flexible nature of the technology, and its beauty is emphasised through clear and organised presentation. Each page is connected to a power source embedded in the spine using terminal rings.

The book was designed as part of a client project, working with Cambride LAE to create a package for them to send out to potential technology investors. 

Lightly desk lamp


The Lightly desk lamp was the first product launched by CLAMcollective.

CLAMcollective was a design collaboration between Felix Conran, Kai Lawrence, Wilson Astley and Felix Manley. We came together at university as a group of passionate young designers, working out of our studio in Hackney. 

It was here that we created our first product - 'Lightly', which we launched at London Design Festival 2014. We also released a limited edition version of the lamp in black steel and gold plated brass, exclusively for Joseph, 77 Fulham Road. 

Lumos lantern


A luxury lantern designed for glamping.

An essential piece of outdoor kit for the eco-conscious, which can be carried, hung or stood upright. The form of the lantern was inspired by a lightbulb, with a glowing filament and a transparent outer shell. The brief for this first year project was to design a luxury torch - I interpreted this as a lantern, focussing on the emerging glamping market.

EL lamp


A foundation lighting project

Heal's Analog-Digital timepiece 


'Analog-Digital' timepiece (2015) was designed by CLAMcollective after being commissioned by Heal's for their new store in Queensway.

They wanted a large eye catching installation that would be visible from the street and the installation had to use parts from Factorylux's pick and mix lighting range.

The piece is a giant digital clock, with 29 filament bulbs making up the digits. An Arduino (computer) was used to program the bulbs to turn on and off, in order to display the time.